5 Friar Hill

Hole 5 & 14

Friar Hill

Hole 5/14
Par 4/4 416/416 Yards S.I. 1/2

Friar Hill

Never stand on this tee without thinking of ‘Balaclava’. “Out of bounds to the left of us, quarries to the right of us, quarries to the front of us, into the valley of high scoring charge the 200”. For the big hitters the tee shot is not to much of a problem, the perfect shot lands between or passed the top two quarries (a small enough target when you consider the distance from the tee) the difficulty for the rest of us, with the prevailing wind in your face, assuming you haven’t decapitated anyone on the 4th green or are visiting the 7th fairway earlier than anticipated is to clear the ridge with the second shot and then play a long third shot in, pin placing on the green can make the approach shot difficult, more so when it is near the right hand side behind the bunker, this is another green where a controlled run up can be useful on firmer ground.

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