4 Bedlam & 13 Top ‘O’ The Bank

Hole 4 & 13

Bedlam / Top 'O' The Bank

Hole 4/13
Par 3/3 137/129 Yards S.I. 17/16

Bedlam / Top 'O' The Bank

Unkind people say this hole was designed by a sadist, but tee up a ball in a flat field and 9 times out of ten the average golfer will with consummate ease drop the ball equidistant as that from tee to green at No 4. Much trouble can be avoided by remembering that although the tee is sheltered your ball will drift once it gets above normal ground level. Our knowledge of the insect life in and around the water at the top end of the quarry is unsurpassed. Remember that as the rough to the left of the green gets longer recovery becomes harder.

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