9 Hoyle Bottom

Hole 9 & 18

Hoyle Bottom / Riley Mount

Hole 9/18
Par 4/4 370/333 Yards S.I. 5/14

Hoyle Bottom / Riley Mount

Even with the prevailing wind, playing from the back tee makes this hole a really difficult one. As the eighteenth, beloved for its uniqueness as a last green. At most courses the eighteenth comes under scrutiny from the club house windows, framing dozens of unseen piggy eyes watching and waiting for that three foot missed putt. Green Haworth allows you to do this away from all but “match eyes” except on occasions such as Captains Day when multitudes can surround the green; - the facing of such an ordeal would doubtless cause some members to put their tee shot in the second quarry. It is the approach shot to the green that has to be something special, many’s the time that one has walked up to the green thinking the shot must be good only to find that your over the back in the rough having hit the down slope at the front (under clubbed again).

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