3 Icconhurst & 12 Ramsclough

Hole 3 & 12

Icconhurst & Ramsclough

Hole 3/12
Par 4/4 418/396 Yards S.I. 3/4

Icconhurst / Ramsclough

More often than not the tee shot is wind assisted and for the bigger hitters left is better than right – unless you can fluke one over the marker post, leaving one facing an obligatory accurate second shot, (bunker left, quarry right) from a downhill lie. For mere mortals who can’t ‘kill’ a ball first let, the approach shot to the hidden green can be difficult. Use of that bit between the ears can be rewarding. If the fairway is firm a ‘run’ over the ridge can be the answer to that pitch which ends with the ball over the back of the green, mainly due to catching the reverse slope impetus on the ridge. Looking back at ones cards this hole has a high mortality rate, keep a record and find out which hole on average gives you most trouble, it may not be the one you think, a good piece of advice given by a member of long standing is to nip up before starting a round and fix in your mind where the pin is placed on the 3rd & 9th greens.

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